Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roger Waters: The Crooner of Cimmerian Wonderchests


I found out a few years ago, from my tight lipped father, that I had an older sibling who was aborted some years before I came about. This floored me because as the only child, I always felt like something was missing, like it was not right. Now fast forward to a few weeks ago (my metanoia) I was on the phone with my father talking about this fallen kin, and as my father was describing how my childhood was fragmented because of the abortion, I felt this spiritual entity enter and reverberate throughout my body (now, I've had chills, in fact I get chills a lot -- this was no chill) and tears started to come to my eyes. From that moment on I went from materialist (completely banishing any thought of a spiritual world) to an agnostic or spiritualist, for lack of a better word(s). I felt something spiritual that night, the significance of the "contact" I have yet to come to a conclusion on. Anyways, fast forward to tonight, I was just laying in bed musing about my sibling, wondering if it would of been a sister or a brother, and then thinking to myself "you know things would of been great if it was a sister, myself and my mother. Theres just something comforting about 3." And then it clicked, I've been obsessively drawn to triangles my whole life (especially as of late) and a triangle has 3 sides. AH coincidence? Maybe, but i can't quite be so sure....

P.s. this photograph was taken last november or so. Notice all the triangle themes (Hova - hand sign, t shirt, 3 people in picture) -- all collectively unintentional. Ooooooo eeeerie.